WK7 Thursday IDP Game Start/Sit Chart Edition Hit/Miss Rate Results
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Welcome to The WK7 Thursday IDP Game Start/Sit Chart Edition Hit/Miss Rate Results which are an open book look into The IDP Tipster’s Fantasy Football’s Start/Sit Chart cheat sheets. This is the one real chance we have to recap the Chart results based on the fact that Sunday and Monday’s game charts are in such length that the author does not have time to recap on Tuesdays. The process would take about as much time to do as the process is to make each chart (3 hrs average). And of course, on Tuesday’s the process for the week’s Tipster content starts all over for members and includes at least 16 publications including the charts.

Individual Defensive Players

WK7 Thursday IDP Game Hit/Miss Results

The Tipster chart’s results recap will not always be available each week due to any time restraints the author has pending getting the weekends content out. So we always suggest the members do their own diligence if these recaps do not appear by late Friday night of each week. Beyond that point, they are likely not going to be published for that particular week.

Why Recap?

Recapping the results boil down to two simple reasons. One, accountability of the author as well as the five-step formula applied to set the start/sit information. And the second is to promote the chart’s viability, or not, to the general public. Let’s be realistic here, no one is going to promote the value of the process of the charts and their results in a very competitive industry. And it falls on this author and Gridiron Ratings to make sure we are not only held accountable. But to reach out into the Fantasy Football community and let them know we are a proven winner when it comes to our content for our members.


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WK7 Thursday IDP Game

Matchup Strength Key


Questionable (?)  –  Out (O)

Recently Sent To Injuried Reserve (IR)

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Week 7

Giants Vs. Eagles

This is an exact duplicate of the original that has also been unlocked for the general public and can be located on our article page. All that has been added is the results box for each team and the main starts involved. We do not rate the players that would be considered depth or “flier” a user may have reached for.

Disclaimer: The Hit/Miss Rate Results are based on IDP player stat production. And not on any users particular fantasy football league scoring format, which would be impossible for us to know. So your player box score results may not reflect our production rate hit or miss results. That falls on the use to decipher and translate.

Fantasy Food For Thought, anything can be debated and I hold myself to the highest standard I can. The user must read the notes with the markings to understand why I have marked hit or missed. And keep in mind my rating is on a personal level and your “opinion” may vary from that. I’m not up to or have time to debate that scenario.

Giants Interior D-Lineman

Dalvin Tomlinson
Leonard Williams
Dexter Lawrence
B.J. Hill

See New Chart Key Above -Advice/Note: Stable and now all of them are healthy. And the Eagles fall right in the middle f the pack allowing production to the IDLs. Can’t necessarily see anyone over-achieving, but it is a divisional game so emotions will likely be running high. Our real rough part is knowing that normally only 2 of the 3 get it done, and the third ends up being just under par.

Giants Safeties

Logan Ryan
Jabrill Peppers
Julian Love
Adrian Colbert (O)

See New Chart Key Above -Advice/Note: Assuming that with Colbert out we see these three get the snaps they got last week, they are marked as the on-paper opportunity indicates. 

Hit 11    Missed 1    Incomplete 0  (Hurt, Benched, Or Warned Off Due To Critical Circumstances)

Over Performing Is Not A Miss! Unless it was the call that they would in the marks and/or notes.

Any “special” notes supporting the Hit/Miss is now highlighted in original notes.

*Wondering what happened to OLB/Edge Rusher Fackrell? The Giants moved him to the strong side rusher for the first time this season. Likely given the veteran Golden, who is older, the better situational on the weakside (blindside). Fackrell would have still been a hit with a couple more tackles or a sack. But we’ll take the miss, even if it was the change that likely caused it.

Player Stats
HBlake MartinezNYG01097202099%
HJulian LoveNYG01074300093%
HJabrill PeppersNYG00164211098%
HDevante DownsNYG00055001056%
HLogan RyanNYG010532010100%
HKyler FackrellNYG00031201090%
HB.J. HillNYG00033000031%
HDavid MayoNYG00032100011%
HDalvin TomlinsonNYG01033000060%
HMarkus GoldenNYG00111012033%
HDexter LawrenceNYG00111001059%
HLeonard WilliamsNYG00011001075%

The User Has To Read The Notes To Correlate The Marks For Warnings And Upsides.

Self-Grading Is Based On Production Data And Not On The Users “Unknown” League Scoring Formats.

Giants Inside Linebackers

Blake Martinez
David Mayo
Devante Downs
Tae Crowder (IR)

See New Chart Key Above -Advice/Note: Figures, Crowder actually made a big splash for a couple of weeks to then land on the I.R. with a hammy. Hopefully, it was just some type of move for the roster and we’ll see him later on around week 10 or 11. 

As for now, Mayo just got off the I.R. and the assumption would be he’ll start next to Martinez. How many snaps he might get and all that is still unknown and it is not a lock he’d see significant snaps, to begin with. Until Crowder, the WILB next to Martinez was a part-time role. And Mayo’s strength is far from being a coverage backer which is what a WILB does. And what Crowder did so well. So with any questions, we’ve mentioned, you can understand why we have marked both Mayo and the former starter Downs like we have this contest.

Giants Edge Rushers

Kyler Fackrell (?)
Markus Golden
Oshane Ximines (IR)
Lorenzo Carter (IR)

SEE NEW CHART KEY ABOVE -Advice/Note: Simple enough, Fackrell gets his chance to impress again versus one of the teams allowing the most production versus the Edge Rushers in the league. And veteran Golden will get the chance to show us he could be a viable player down the road. He hasn’t shown anything yet with little chance to do so. So we go safe and advise owners to avoid him until we know for sure unless you are desperate.


Eagles Interior D-Lineman

Fletcher Cox
Javon Hargrave
Malik Jackson (O)
Hassan Ridgeway

See New Chart Key Above -Advice/Note: Stable and normally only getting what is on paper each matchup. Hence, if we are going here, Cox’s reputation got him marked as he is but would be really hard to go there this week.

Eagles Safeties

Rodney McLeod
Jalen Mills
Marcus Epps
K’Von Wallace (O)

See New Chart Key Above -Advice/Note: Both these guys have some upside based on what the Giants will bring to the table. But we’ve only marked them on their own merits. The one with the most to gain will depend on the game flow of course.

Hit 12    Missed 0    Incomplete 0  (Hurt, Benched, Or Warned Off Due To Critical Circumstances)

Over Performing Is Not A Miss! Unless it was the call that they would in the marks and/or notes.

Any “special” notes supporting the Hit/Miss is now highlighted in original notes.

*Sweat’s forced fumble and pass defended was borderline in the hit call, pending your leagues scoring format.

Player Stats
HNathan GerryPHI001844110092%
HRodney McLeodPHI0006330010100%
HAlex SingletonPHI000651020067%
HJalen MillsPHI110431010098%
HBrandon GrahamPHI001431110172%
HFletcher CoxPHI000431200087%
HDuke RileyPHI000321000057%
HDerek BarnettPHI001211130063%
HJavon HargravePHI000211000070%
HHassan RidgewayPHI000220100012%
HMarcus EppsPHI00010100000%
HJosh SweatPHI010101000140%

The User Has To Read The Notes To Correlate The Marks For Warnings And Upsides.

Self-Grading Is Based On Production Data And Not On The Users “Unknown” League Scoring Formats.

Eagles Inside Linebackers

Nathan Gerry
Duke Riley
Alex Singleton
T.J. Edwards (IR)
Davion Taylor

See New Chart Key Above -Advice/Note: Welp, that might have been another one that lasted a hot minute. Singleton saw about 90% of the snaps with Riley out in WK6 and Singleton was a hot pickup this week. But with Riley already back, we can’t trust that Singleton has done enough to see those types of snaps again. Nor can we trust that he didn’t if you’re a Riley owner for some reason.

This week, the one option is Gerry, and hope he didn’t get outplayed by Singleton in the Coaches eyes. Which they trust him, so doubt that’s the case. Our job is to advise, and we say avoid Singleton and Riley, and go with Gerry if you have been. It’s awful early in the week to risk starting out in the hole.

Eagles Edge Rushers

Brandon Graham
Derek Barnett
Josh Sweat
Genard Avery

SEE NEW CHART KEY ABOVE -Advice/Note: The Giants are the polar difference in allowing production to the edge rushers as they are to the interior defensive lineman. And the only reason Sweat isn’t higher is because he doesn’t get near the snaps that we can. And although he has been on fire when he does play, it sure would be really risky to go there.

Fantasy Football's WK5 Thursday

Thank you for joining us for The WK7 Thursday IDP Game Start/Sit Chart Edition Hit/Miss Rate Results on Gridiron Ratings.  

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