Top 26 Dynasty IDP Targets Under 26 In 2020: #20
January 10, 2020 8 Comments Article Gary Van Dyke

Welcome to the fantasy football’s Top 26 dynasty IDP targets under 26 in 2020. This series of articles is intended to help those fantasy football owners looking to revamp or start a dynasty roster. So why 26 under 26? Because our focus is on a group of fantasy football defensive players that are no older than 25. And have shown to be long term potential IDP assets at the highest level. The kind players we want to have on our rosters as they hit their prime years. And hopefully helping us earn a few titles as the seasons roll by.

Dynasty IDP Targets Ranking Ground Rules

Ranking fantasy football players can vary in opinions. So we will lay out the ground rules on how those IDP hairs were split between these players. Starting with the following things taken under consideration. And making this statement now.

No matter how, when. or why it’s an opinion.  And the same can be said on who the players are that are chosen to be in the rankings. 

So with that being said, my credentials in IDP knowledge runs around fifteen years now. And much of that time is not just spent on fantasy football data. It also includes researching and keeping up on the latest reports and news. And although “numbers” have to be used to rank. I find that those IDP hairs are so thin to split that normally I’d soon have any player within a difference of ten from any given rank.

The point here is we’ll list the considerations taken into these rankings. And my personal opinions are just that. Because all of the 26 and likely a few that didn’t make my list, boils down to my personal preferences.

Now on to our Top 26 Dynasty IDP Targets under 26 years old for 2020.


Player statistics

Team situation

Surrounding Talent

Player potential

Consistency Margin Of Error



2020’s Fantasy Football Top Dynasty IDP Targets: #20

Dynasty IDP Targets

Buffalo Bill Linebacker Tremaine Edmunds

Position: MLB  –  Height/Weight: 6-5, 250lb  –  Age As Of Jan. 1 2020: 21

Salary / Contract












Note* N/A



40 Yard Dash

Bench Press

19 REP

Vertical Jump

Broad Jump
117.0 INCHES
3 Cone Drill

20 Yd Shuttle


College Credentials

As one of the top linebacker recruits in the nation, Tremain Edmunds took his talents to Virginia Tech in college. Where he played alongside his brother for a couple of seasons, Terrell Edmunds (Safety/Pittsburgh Steelers), making it a family affair.

Tremaine was active ever game as a true freshman but only recorded 11 tackles while starting twice. Then as a sophomore, he exploded for 106 combined tackles, 19 for a loss, and 5 sacks. Earning himself a second-team All-ACC honor in 2016.

As a junior, he caught the nation’s attention as the Associated Press named him to the third All-American team. His stats were again outstanding with 109 combined tackles, 14 for losses, 6 sacks, and added 3 forced fumbles.

NFL Recap

The Buffalo Bills took the mammoth inside linebacker in the middle of the first round of the 2018 draft. Selecting him at pick 16 for his obvious athleticism and tremendous size. He was not known as a polished player, but at just 20 years old they knew it was a matter of coaching him up at the pro-level.

So while he was a little rough around the edges, he was still instantly inserted into the starting middle linebacker position. And he was exceptional at the role, going on to record 121 combined tackle, 2 sacks, with 5 tackles for a loss. Also adding 12 passes defended with 2 interceptions, numbers proving the big man did indeed have the skillset to get the job done.

With the 2019 season came a more refined player at the NFL level. He was again the key inside linebacker that helped the Buffalo Bills in making the playoffs. His numbers were again relevant as well. With 115 combined tackles, 10 for a loss, 2 sacks, 9 passes defended, and one interception, helping to confirm the Bills made the right decision.

Fantasy Football Dynasty IDP Targets Summary

This “take” on Edmunds is not only simple but easy to make. He will likely be the starting middle linebacker for the Bills for the next possible six to ten years. And also spend a large portion of that time next to Matt Milano, who plays the weakside inside linebacker. Who we will mention just missed making the top 26 under 26 dynasty IDP targets. Coming in just shy of the top 26, but not that far off.

The Bills have always been known over the years for producing productive IDP players. And mainly due to the lack of offensive talent on the other side of the ball. But even with that possibly changing, there is no indication that the opportunity for Edmunds is going to.

It is this Writer’s Opinion

It is this writer’s opinion that as an IDP player we may never see Edmunds lead the league in combined tackles. But we certainly can’t discount that he should range with the average of what he has recorded in the last two seasons. Although, it is hard to discount that Milano is also likely to be there in Buffalo for the next few years as well. Which in my opinion is why Edmunds isn’t any higher in these rankings for now.

So for the next couple of years, he isn’t going to hit our top five among the linebackers. But he will never fall out of our top ten dynasty IDP targets for at least the next five years as one. And as for him hitting his prime in the NFL, that is still to come. And won’t even start for another three to four years.

Top 26 Dynasty IDP Targets To "Click On" And...

For Your Convince And In Closing...

  1. …TBD
  2. Tremaine Edmunds
  3. Fred Warner
  4. Bradley Chubb
  5. Deion Jones
  6. Tracy Walker
  7. Shaq Thompson
  8. Kenny Clark

Thank you for joining me as we rank the top 26 under 26 fantasy football dynasty IDP targets for 2020.

Gary VanDyke

“The IDP Tipster”

The IDP Tipster

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