Top 26 Dynasty IDP Targets Under 26 In 2020: #15
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Welcome to the fantasy football’s Top 26 dynasty IDP targets under 26 in 2020. This series of articles is intended to help those fantasy football owners looking to revamp or start a dynasty roster. So why 26 under 26? Because our focus is on a group of fantasy football defensive players that are no older than 25. And have shown to be long term potential IDP assets at the highest level. The kind players we want to have on our rosters as they hit their prime years. And hopefully helping us earn a few titles as the seasons roll by.

Dynasty IDP Targets Ranking Ground Rules

Ranking fantasy football players can vary in opinions. So we will lay out the ground rules on how those IDP hairs were split between these players. Starting with the following things taken under consideration. And making this statement now.

No matter how, when. or why it’s an opinion.  And the same can be said on who the players are that are chosen to be in the rankings. 

So with that being said, my credentials in IDP knowledge runs around fifteen years now. And much of that time is not just spent on fantasy football data. It also includes researching and keeping up on the latest reports and news. And although “numbers” have to be used to rank. I find that those IDP hairs are so thin to split that normally I’d soon have any player within a difference of ten from any given rank.

The point here is we’ll list the considerations taken into these rankings. And my personal opinions are just that. Because all of the 26 and likely a few that didn’t make my list, boils down to my personal preferences.

Now on to our Top 26 Dynasty IDP Targets under 26 years old for 2020.


Player statistics

Team situation

Surrounding Talent

Player potential

Consistency Margin Of Error



2020’s Fantasy Football Top Dynasty IDP Targets: #15

Dynasty IDP Targets

Tennessee Titan Linebacker Jayon Brown

Position: ILB  –  Height/Weight: 6-0, 226lb  –  Age As Of Jan. 1 2020: 24

Salary / Contract



Rank 11th*


Rank 15th*


Rank 7th*




Rank 10th*

Note* Jayon Brown was out at least two full contests fighting a groin injury in 2019. These missed games affected his overall rating. But we should note that his rankings across the board still managed to be very relevant among the inside linebackers despite that fact.


40 Yard Dash

Bench Press

17 REP

Vertical Jump

Broad Jump
120.0 INCHES
3 Cone Drill

20 Yd Shuttle


College Credentials

Jayon Brown’s freshman and sophomore seasons were pretty uneventful, playing special teams and awaiting his turn behind the upperclassman. But he was presented the John Boncheff Jr. Award for Rookie of the Year on special teams and earned a spot on the Athletic Director’s Academic Honor Roll.

As a junior in 2015, Brown played in twelve games and entered the starting lineup after an injury to upperclassman Myles Jack. He then led the team with 93 tackles while ranking second on the squad with six passes defended.

Then in 2016, as a senior, he played twelve games and led the Bruins with 119 combined tackles. Adding seven for a loss, three interceptions, and again had six more passes defended. That season he was also named to the All-Pac-12 Conference first-team while being ranked ninth in the country and leading the Pac-12 with 10 total tackles per game. Brown then became the first UCLA player with 100 tackles in a season since Eric Kendricks (149) in 2014.

NFL Recap

After slipping to the fifth round to the Titans in the 2017 draft, Brown played the third linebacker role behind incumbent starters, Avery Williamson and Wesley Woodyard. Noting that he likely fell to the fifth due to his lackluster combine numbers, but did show early promise for the Titans subbing out Avery Williamson often. And surprisingly, it was as the coverage linebacker considering Brown’s 4.7 40 yard dash at the combine. Which isn’t exactly up to par with most known coverage linebackers in the league. And actually, was a touch slower than what Williamson recorded at his combine with a 4.6 40 yard dash. But Brown did show the Titans enough to let Avery Williamson walk the following offseason, who moved on to become a New York Jet in 2018.

After releasing Williamson, Brown entered his second season as one of the two main starting inside linebackers. Leading the three rotating players in 2018 with 81% of the snaps available and over the long-time veteran Wesley Woodyard and high profile rookie Rashaan Evans. And he was again the lead coverage linebacker but also was used in pass-rushing and run-stopping situations that led to more playmaking opportunities.

Then last season (2019), with 33-year-old Woodyard taking a back seat, it was Brown and Evans who entered the season as the two main and fulltime starters for the Titans. Brown did suffer a groin injury early on in the season that kept him from playing a couple of contests, but he still finished the regular season with 104 combined tackles. Along with adding a handful of playmaking type statistics for good measure.

Fantasy Football Dynasty IDP Targets Summary

Remember at the beginning of this article how we mentioned that ranking does boil down to an opinion and personal preferences. Well, it did come into play here deciding between either Brown or Evans making the top 26 under 26 dynasty IDP targets ranking. Afterall there is only so much room in the top 26. And I had to dig deep in who I preferred among the two players. Because while splitting the IDP hairs for our fantasy purposes, there just wasn’t enough room for both players to make the top 26. Especially while including other designated positions.

Brown Versus Evans In Metrics

So why Jayon Brown over Rashaan Evans? Because essentially by the combine numbers, from what I saw comparably, the slight edge went to Brown. But those aren’t all that viable to use because neither did all the events. And what events they did do only two were the same and is where I give the edge to Brown. So then I went to a known player metrics site, it only got more confusing. Because the combine numbers were used for those and they reflected just as poorly versus each other based off the combine neither completed. Physical stature, that slight edge went to Evans who is a couple of inches taller. But they seem to have the same appropriate portions to their height otherwise. And both are 24 years old, so nothing there either.

Brown does have one more year in the league and more playing time at the pro level. To this writer, advantage Brown. But here is the one thing that a lot of writers may give Evans over Brown. Evans was a first-round product out of powerhouse and known linebacker machine Alabama. While Brown was a fifth-rounder out of UCLA, who isn’t well known as a powerhouse, at least compared to Alabama. So does that even the score 2 to 2? Sorry, not with this writer, all it says to this guy is that Evans was expected to be better based on his college preference. Especially when everything else was so close overall in all other aspects that I could think of looking for.


The Conclusion

So in the end, I choose Brown based on his 2019 Gridiron ratings and the facts of their production when playing. Either by role or by talent Brown did more with less, even if there was barely a difference there. If I take both players snap-counts for 2018 and 2019, and then divide those by every single combined tackle and every playmaking statistic possible, it splits the IDP hairs by a margin.

Brown average making some sort of play every 6.8 snap.

Evans made a play every 7.7 snap he played.

But this isn’t really fair, is it? That less than one comes into play? So let’s go one more step splitting those hairs again. And to do this I am adding Evan’s defensive statistic chart below to help my point if that is possible.

In the last two years, Brown has made 44 total non-tackle related plays like interceptions and such.

Evans has made 22 total non-tackle related type plays of the same manner.

In terms of fantasy football-related, those “extra” plays normally are scored higher than the base tackles in most formats.

Wasn’t that a heck of a wild ride?

It is this Writer’s Opinion

It is this writer’s opinion that I would prefer Jayon Brown over Rashaan Evans as a dynasty IDP target in the top 26. Noting that after crunching the numbers, the only way I could think of doing this. And that just like the Bills linebacker Matt Milano, Evans would likely slot in the 27th to 30th range in rankings if extended.

I believe that Brown has the extra capability either by role or talent to have the higher ceiling going forward in this particular case. By showing that not only is he a proven base tackle guy, but also a player of opportunity. And I also believe that in a lot of cases in leagues that owners could see Evan’s value for the future as higher. But as we mentioned, both players are the same age, and they would likely be basing their value on Evans over Brown on his draft stock. So there could also be the opportunity in what Brown costs to draft or trade for as well, over Evans. Either way, both deserve to be on the dynasty IDP targets ranking list. And both are going to continue to produce at the level that can help us win leagues on the defensive side of the ball.

It all boils down to preference, and I happen to prefer to suggest owners look at Brown over Evans. For what I see as a possible higher ceiling as well as value to obtain. And if you’re wondering how this particular article went this direction versus the rest of the articles so far. I guess I wanted to take the opportunity to show just how fine splitting IDP players can be when there isn’t much of a difference overall to work with. Thank you for hanging in here.

And be sure to go and compare Brown’s and Evan’s 2019 Gridiron Ratings, paying particular attention to opportunity and solo that excludes availability that affected the performance and overall ratings. Hence, Brown was more productive with less from this writer’s point of view.

Jayon Brown

Rashaan Evans

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For Your Convince And In Closing...

Thank you for joining me as we rank the top 26 under 26 fantasy football dynasty IDP targets for 2020.

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