The Original Easy IDP Start/Sit Charts Season Three (Examples For 2019)
February 20, 2019 Comments Off on The Original Easy IDP Start/Sit Charts Season Three (Examples For 2019) Article Gary Van Dyke

The Easy IDP Start/Sit Charts That Can Only Be Found With The IDP Tipster Will Return For 2019

I’m proud to be presenting the third season of the tested and proven accurate Easy IDP Start/Sit charts. This five-step approach was innovated out of necessity years ago and is now offered to the public. It is geared to assist in having the right players in or out of our lineups based on the player’s match-ups. In addition to the data for the proven formula, I also add my personal touch.  And by staying on top of all that is IDP across the fantasy football landscape while increasing the charts “hit” percentage.

Why Use The Easy IDP Start/Sit Charts

The charts will always cover all 32 teams IDP positions in general categories while adding in a few “Tipster Tips”. Advice that stands out in the process of powering the charts. The innovated way to address that all too familiar questions of whom to play and who to sit made easy. 

There will no longer be a need to search the media for “your guys” as the tested and proven formula is applied in an easy and simple format. While at the same time covering every relevant IDP player every week. So just sit back each week and follow the simple guidelines while the work is done for you. 

The Easy IDP Start/Sit Charts Put To The Test

The formula and method of applying it is now officially heading into it’s third season. But the foundation was in development for a few years prior to it’s introduction. And all the while being tested and proven to have a high percentage hit rate. It has had it’s challengers and has always proven it’s a viable and dependable tool. And it is likely the only IDP start/sit charts that covers all of the players in one central location. 

We all know that there are no sure things playing this game we love. But this tactical tool for IDP owners has helped many set their lineups with the highest potential to win. And all the time being based on reading the data and information available in-time. And not just an opinion of what should be.

Chart Examples

Here are examples of what we will have in store for 2019, but possibly with a revamped look. The following charts were towards the end of the 2018 season and are examples of each designated category that will be covered. You’ll notice the lack of the Cornerbacks among the charts. I’m a firm believer in any given Sunday (game) they are dime a dozen and can be picked up off the wire versus a match up if we are playing this game right. And that the predictability based off any information just isn’t viable enough. So allotting the hours it takes to include them just isn’t worthy versus the effort. It’s been tested in the beginning during development and simple isn’t applicable.

Defensive Lineman and Outside Linebackers (Edge Rushers)

Strong And Free Safety

Inside Linebackers (WLB, MLB, ILB, SLB)

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