The NFC SS/FS WK5 Original Fantasy Football IDP Easy Start/Sit Charts
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All original and proven IDP Fantasy Football Easy Start/Sit Charts are based on a five step formula method. This formula is used on an accumulate amount of information data, stats, trends and info. And of course the knowledge of reading these in the formula used. These formulas were under development for approximately seven seasons before being shared with the general public. And in that process the Charts can claim in the general area, on average,  of at least a 80% hit rate. Although in years past this has been tested and proven we have to keep in mind that in fantasy football it is always “any given Sunday”. 

The IDP Easy Fantasy Football Start/Sit Charts Relevance At Stake

Users of these charts should always keep certain things in mind when using these charts. 

  1. The fifth element of the five step formula used is the mind behind it’s innovation. So there is a human aspect to reading these results and the delivery.
  2. All input into these charts are raw at the beginning of the seasons until the core information catches up with that seasons data, stat, and trends. The first three weeks on average are basically a warm up period. As some end of the year information from the prior season is included. This is until on average around week four of each season we have established the current season’s own material. This in turn is the strength of the charts. And just in time for the important bye-weeks. 
  3. Never sit a stud! As a disclaimer and delivery we need to always keep in mind that sitting a known” stud” over a player that is not isn’t advisable. The charts are meant to split the IDP hairs among the level of players talent. And it is never advisable to “reach” for a player in play if those “IDP hairs” are minimal. 
  4. These Charts are based on match ups versus talent of said players when it is boiled down to it. And trusting the charts do take a commitment. That is not included in our delevery and soley on the users.

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NFC SS/FS IDP Fantasy Football Easy Start/Sit Charts

Week Five

East Notes: 

Cowboys: Versus the Packers. Just need to note that the Packers in their last contest allowed around 22 combined tackles to the Eagles three safety sets last contest. So this match-up is solid, but with good “upside”. Particularly Woods from the 5-step formula. If the Packers set the tempo of the game-flow this could be a good one for the safeties of Dallas. It is hard for us not to slot them into the strong slot.

Giants: Versus the Vikings. This match-up on paper actually isn’t pretty for Peppers or Bethea. The Vikings are rock bottom allowing anything beyond the defensive line in terms of IDP points so far this season. The Giant’s safeties get the boost to solid based off the state of the defense. The defensive line is struggling and the inside linebackers are banged up and down to using at least one back-up this week. Maybe two, which would actually dip into the third string guys. The “upside” to this situation actually could have slotted either or both safeties into the strong spot. But the “on-paper” has to be considered as well.

Eagles: Versus the Jes. I should note here, Jenkins “solid” is on his personal match-up. He isn’t getting those IDP numbers this season. That’s because of what I’ve mentioned in the past about Sendejo’s roll as the third safety. And because of the Eagles situation in the secondary this is also a part of the reason that he is marked green as a deep Bye Week play. The last injury report we looked at their starting defensive backs are hurting and likely to at least be without one starter and possibly two. Because this developed their last contest, Sendejo jumped big time to around 80% of the snaps. This is not a sure thing, but the odds are in favor that it’ll play out this way this contest. And considering what the Jets give up to safeties on paper anyhow, we need to consider him here.

Redskins: Versus the Patriots. Just need to note that Nicholson does have upside to strong this contest. After all it is the Patriots air attack that keeps opponents secondaries busy.

West Notes: 

Cardinals: Versus the Bengals. Baker is limited, but trending to play. He has only got what’s there in the formula as a true free safety this season. But of course he always has his talent “upside”. Who knows, maybe we  see the Cardinals move him to the strong safety position sense letting Swearinger go. Did you all get the red flag post on here last week about Swearinger?

As for the Clay Twitter post below. There isn’t a clear call yet on who plays and at what position. Deionte Thompson does have the upper hand to get his shot according to the prior snap counts. We’re suggesting we wait and see before we go inserting into lineups.

Rams: Versus the Seattle. It is too bad that Rapp is looking doubtful. As we mentioned last week he had been trending and getting more and more playing time. And that would likely have set him up as a nice deep bye week play this contest. We are going to go ahead and say it, but as we mentioned it is doubtful he plays.

With that being said, enter Marqui Christian. He was basically last years “Rapp” in terms of playing as the third safety. He wasn’t terrible at his job either. And with the Rams already ruling out starting linebacker Hager, his odds increase a bit more as a double deep bye week play. We say double deep because as there are indications he’ll “fill in”, we don’t know to what extent. That’s risky when we likely have other deep bye week plays to look at.

Seahawks: Versus the Rams. As marked. And noting, McDougald is solid enough via the formula, but Thompson didn’t have any “upside” on paper. He just got back from injury last contest so maybe we see a bit more out of him going forward. but this isn’t the week to see if this is the case.

49ers: Versus the Bengals. This one is a bit disappointing. Because on paper the match up is solid. And we could have securely said via the free safety position that Moore would have been a deep bye week play. But now Ward is rumored to be returning this week from a finger injury and just might send Moore to the bench. And then there is the question on how much or how ready Ward is. He has been out sense week one. 

So, let’s go this way with this double deep bye week play. Are you feeling lucky? Because via the formula on the match-up the free safety position is solid, and actually with some “upside”. We suppose if you want to watch the pre-game reports and then jump on the risk you’ll have about 50/50 odds on this working out. It’s too bad, a good situation with a “catch-22”.

North Notes: 

Bears: Versus the Raiders. As marked. Noting that it simple is a weak match-up on paper. And Ha Ha and Jackson have basically got what the match-up allows. So there was no “upside” to give them a boost and risk it.


Packers: Versus the Cowboys. This match-up on paper is strong as marked. The warning would be that it turns into a situation that both or either don’t live up to the mark. Via the formulas and the safeties here normally just getting what comes there way, the game flow will predict what they earn from playing the Cowboys.

Vikings: Versus the Bears. As marked. Harris and Kearse have good odds of being on your waiver wires. And this contest is actually stronger than solid versus the Giants on paper. Harris did not participate with a quad injury via the latest reports. But Kearse did with a back injury. This one just might be worth watching the injury reports over if your looking for a deep sleeper. Harris is the starter, Kearse will get the call if Harris can’t go and he can play. Beyond that we can’t guess who would be the next guy up. 

South Notes: 

Falcons: Versus The Texans. First off, reportedly the Falcons have moved Kazee to cornerback. So this maybe the last time he is listed with these charts. Second, this match-up on paper isn’t actually solid. But Allen gets his respect according to the Falcons struggles on the defensive line. And with the whole picture of Cyprien being traded for, we don’t trust that he won’t take over for Ishmael come game time. Or at least perhaps cut into his snaps this week. There is a reason Ishmael is a jack of all trades. But never been a starter unless an injury has accord somewhere on the defense. This one is best left alone this week until we see something.

Panthers: Versus the Jaguars. The Jags are dead last allowing points to safeties. So via the formula Reid gets his due respect with his role at strong safety and is marked as solid. As for Boston and Cockrell. There might have been some “up-side” for Boston before the last contest in this contest. But him and Cockrell flipped flopped in snap counts last contest. Cockrell seen 100% and Boston only seen 60%. We looked deep into the situation and we could not locate an actual reasoning. Other than the game plan. There were other changes in how the Panthers schemed last contest as well. And it worked out for them overall. So we use caution entering this contest and leave Boston and Cockrell right where the formula suggests.

Saints: Versus the Buccaneers. Just noting that Bell has his upside in this divisional match-up, but Williams does not. Williams constancy at “upside” just can’t be trusted.

Buccaneers: Versus the Saints. How shocking to see when looking in ESPN they had Edwards was barely owned in standard sized redrafts. There is a lot to like as a solid deep bye week play versus the Saints in this divisional match-up.

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