Super Bowl Quick Hits: In the Trenches
February 2, 2020 No Comments 49ers, Article, Chiefs, Super Bowl LIV Jeff DiMatteo

Within any NFL game, there is a game within the game.  It’s a collection of individual battles of strength, wit, and strategy.  Our friends at put together weekly OL/DL matchups and this tool takes into account how each OL matches up against each DL.  According to this tool, the Chiefs have a sizable advantage in blocking the vaunted 49ers DL in the passing game.  To make matters worse for the 49ers the Pro Football Focus tool also leaves the 49er OL at a distinct disadvantage in against the Chiefs pass rush.  To offset these advantages the 49er will need to clever in the use of their rush packages including DBs and using delayed concepts to confuse the Chiefs OL.

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