Super Bowl LIV Quick Hit: Tyrann Mathieu
February 2, 2020 No Comments Article Gary Van Dyke

Welcome to the Super Bowl LIV quick hits presented by Gridiron Ratings. Where we’ll be talking about either a Kansa City or San Francisco player that will be key in Sunday’s game. And will either need to step it up or do what they do best to help win the biggest game of the year. This year’s contest is as intriguing as it gets when it comes to personal on both sides of the football. And we’re going to break down some of those situations that will determine who’ll bring the Lombardi trophy home.

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Super Bowl LIV Quick Hit
Free Safety Tyrann Mathieu #32

The Tyrann Mathieu has been nothing short of greatness on the field in 2019. And the 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo should try to avoid targeting him directly, where ever he is on the field. Which will be easier said than done. Mathieu is a “Jack of all trades” player for the Chiefs defense. Playing his traditional free safety spot, as an “in the box” strong safety, and their slot corner. He was third on the team in the regular season with 75 combined tackles, but first with 63 solos. And for a “free safety”, that is an outstanding solo ratio.

PFF has Mathieu graded at 76.0, fourteenth in the league from the regular season. And Mathieu’s 5 yards allowed per target in the slot is the second among the slot defenders. Which reflects in his top five coverage grade of 77.

It won’t be easy for tight end Geroge Kittle or their slot receivers on Sunday. Which according to the Football Outsiders, San Francisco led the league with 9.9 yards per pass to receivers in the slot. Mathieu will need to make a big play to help to determine the outcome of this game.

Thank you for joining us for this Super Bowl LIV quick hit for Sunday’s game. We hope you enjoyed this one and will consider clicking HERE for easy access to other key players who’ll have an impact on which team is crowned the champions this year. And also be sure to check out our 2019 fantasy football Gridiron Ratings to see how your favorite play rated HERE.

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