IDP Free Agency Gauge: UFA Justin Simmons
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Welcome to the IDP free agency gauge, where we’ll use an assortment of available information to gauge a player’s potential fantasy football outlook. And signed or unsigned, we’ll accumulate what we’ve learned in the process to gauge how to proceed from an IDP point of view with each player. So sit back and enjoy as the NFL ramps up their free agency period, and we break down those scenarios along the way.


2020 Free Agent Fantasy Football IDP Player

Justin Simmons

Designated IDP Positions: SS/FS/DB

H/W: 6-2 – 205lb – Age: 26

2019 Team / Scheme: Droncos / 3-4

Experience: 4 years

Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

2019 Gridiron Ratings






Ranked 11th Safety overall

Note: PFR’s advanced metrics are only available from 2018 onward.

Additional IDP Free Agency Information According To…

2019 PFF NFL Grade: 90.8 – Ranked As Free Agent: #2 Safety / #20 Overall

2020 Spotrac Projected Calculated Market Value:

5 yrs, $72,197,445

Avg. Salary: $14,439,489

Four “rumored” landing spots, if not resigned.

Buccaneers, Browns, 49ers, Raiders


Gauging Justin Simmons’s IDP Free Agency Scenario As A UFA

The following information is provided by, or in part by, the following resources, including PFF,, PFR, and ESPN, to list a few. And the information provided by these resources varies from website pages, writers, or analysts. Additionally, player reports and news from the player’s 2019 team’s trusted local resources are considered in combination when gauging the final scenario.

Gauged By…

As an IDP writer and advisor, this one is a no-brainer when it comes to gauging Simmons’s fantasy football free agency value. It is just a matter of gauging the landing spots after he either resigns or gets paid elsewhere. And in this particular case, we’ll start by just throwing out some general Twitter posts and go from there. Noting here, everything at this point when profiling free agents can come across as what have you done for me lately. And sometimes when there are no-brainers involved we don’t have to break it done to that fine point. At least like we need to do with other players that their situations must be weighed out.

But in the fantasy football industry, Simmons should have been on redraft and dynasty radars long before now. And hopefully, this writer was able to inform readers three seasons ago, before we got to this point. It’s simple from this writer’s point of view, researching what I felt I already knew, there is no conflicting information available to debate. And all we need to do is gauge his IDP value after the general information is made available. While some fantasy football resources might consider my approach lazy by not repackaging the information, I look at it as collectively supplying the information, giving credit in the delivery before I add my thoughts.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

This Author’s IDP Game Film Reviewed

In the process of reviewing game film, at least four games are reviewed based on the player’s most productive contests. And the opponent’s offensive efficiency rankings are added according to the Football Outsiders.

Chicago Bears in week two, opponent’s offensive efficiency rank: 25th

Kansas City Chiefs in week seven, opponent’s offensive efficiency rank: 3rd

Cleveland Browns in week nine, opponent’s offensive efficiency rank: 20th

Buffalo Bills in week twelve, opponent’s offensive efficiency rank: 22nd 

Noting Players Three Least Productive Contests

Listed in the least productive order are the player’s contests he recorded the least amount of stats for our gauging purposes. And their opponent’s offensive efficiency ranking is added according to the Football Outsiders. These contests are not among the game film reviewed unless noted as such.

Oakland (Las Vegas) Raiders in week one recorded one solo and two assisted tackles with 100% of the available snap counts. The Raiders offensive efficiency rank: 9th

Green Bay Packers in week three recorded two solos and one assisted tackle with 100% of the available snap counts. The Packers offensive efficiency rank: 8th

Minnesota in week eleven recorded three solos and one assisted tackle with 100% of the available snap counts. The Vikings offensive efficiency rank: 10th

IDP Free Agency Scenario Gauged

As A Resigned Bronco In 2020 +

Descending Ascending

Taking everything into account, this writer believes that Simmon is just now hitting his prime and knowing that I’ve done a mock-up profile of him before, he still can be viewed as ascending as a Bronco. Because the new coaching regime put him in a place that depends heavily on the skillsets of the safeties. And all that happened in 2020 was the defensive coordinator Ed Donatell worked his magic, using Simmons’s overall talent as a key cog in the defensive scheming. So all the boxes would remain checked for Simmons’s second season in the scheme with odds to improve slightly on last seasons performance.

Fantasy Football owners should consider him in the same realm he ended last season when it comes to the Gridiron Ratings. And as we mentioned, possibly ascending with more stats pending what additions or improvements to the Bronco’s personnel may occur. And the cut and dry of the topic, DB and Safety one status for fantasy football purposes, with possible upside to the top five range.

Signed Elsewhere In 2020 +

Descending Ascending

Again, taking everything into account this writer believes that if Simmons signs anywhere else, he’ll at the least remain stable. He hasn’t been exactly playing a traditional roll with the Bronco’s, used at free safety as well as an in the box strong safety hybrid. And there are plenty of teams out there that could use him in such a way that he retains that upside. But if he is signed, and paid to play the traditional free safety role a lot of defensive schemes use, stability is likely the best outcome.

Fantasy Football owners will want to look at the situation of where he lands. But in general the low DB and SS/FS one tier will still be appealing. And I’ll add, according to the reports, what the Bronco’s cap and the facts indicate, Simmons would have to really get offered a huge payday to play elsewhere in 2020 and beyond. And if they out pay the Bronco’s, the odds are he’ll be heading to one of those teams wanting the guy’s versatility similar to his role with the Broncos. 


Thank you for joining us at Gridiron Ratings.  

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