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March 19, 2020 No Comments Article Gary Van Dyke

Welcome to the IDP free agency gauge, where we’ll use an assortment of available information to gauge a player’s potential fantasy football outlook. And signed or unsigned, we’ll accumulate what we’ve learned in the process to gauge how to proceed from an IDP point of view with each player. So sit back and enjoy as the NFL ramps up their free agency period, and we break down those scenarios along the way.


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It’s this IDP writer’s opinion that Schobert owners couldn’t have asked for a better landing spot than with the Jaguars. And it was basically just transplanting Schobert into the same, or maybe even ascending IDP situation. It would be a hard debate to argue that his scenario hasn’t worked out in free agency at the highest level among all the IDP signings so far. 

Schobert lands in the same productive MLB spot in the 4-3 system that he knows bu heart. The defensive line in front of him might not be as good as what he had with the Browns, but that’s not a negative. If anything, it should be positive if they aren’t. It’s simple, if they can’t get the job done as well, then it’ll secure the idea that Schobert will maintain a high volume in opportunities. And from an IDP owner’s aspect of the situation, the Jaguars landing Schobert was a win-win all the way around.

Anyone wondering what the potential Schobert and Myles Jack tandem will look like? Simple, Jack needed this, he has almost proven to be the bye-polar difference to Schobert. Jack isn’t quite the run stopper as Schobert but excelled more in coverage in the past. So he’ll slot right in and get another chance as the weakside linebacker for the Jaguars barring any unforeseen situation popping up. And Schobert will be that number one target at inside linebacker off the squad, with Jack sitting there just about a half tier below him. Look at it this way, Schobert is who we thought he was and this move didn’t change a thing for IDP owners. We still have a solid inside linebacker with the same upside to the top of the tier that Schobert has offered in the past.

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