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April 15, 2020 No Comments Article Gary Van Dyke

Welcome to the IDP free agency gauge, where we’ll use an assortment of available information to gauge a player’s potential fantasy football outlook. And signed or unsigned, we’ll accumulate what we’ve learned in the process to gauge how to proceed from an IDP point of view with each player. So sit back and enjoy as the NFL ramps up their free agency period, and we break down those scenarios along the way.


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Overall 2018 PFF Grade: 89.2 ( Career High, 62% of snaps available)
Overall 2019 PFF Grade: 29.4 (10% of the snaps available)

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2019 Snaps Played: 92

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Final Contract Details: 1-year, $1.0475M contract with the #Eagles: – $550K guar – $50K SB – $910K 2020 BS ($500K full guar) – $87.5K 1st game active/inactive RB – vet salary benefit

Why just stable? Simply said, at best he’ll earn a part-time role with the Eagles in 2020. He is fast, and he did have a cinderella season his rookie year. But it ended there, and only happen because the injury bug hit hard that season after being drafted by the Chargers. And after examining the history of the Eagles wide-nine defense and just how they have used their linebackers, Brown just doesn’t fit in as a full-time linebacker.

Not to mention the contract he signed, it screams special teams guy and is a HUGE  Red Flag off the top in terms of indicating what the Eagles expect out of Brown. And he does have the heart to play, but his size just isn’t able to match that when it’s all boiled down. And also don’t forget that even after his rookie season, when he looked the part, the Chargers continued to struggle with injuries at linebacker. But yet, Brown was never able to secure a starting role and was fazed out instead. Again, he is stable at what he has done over his career, and that is not going to warrant anything in terms of fantasy football.

The Bottom Line

I know hearing this isn’t what IDP owners want to hear from me. Especially those who ran out to the waiver wires. But unless we hear they are changing his designated position to strong safety or something, there isn’t anything to gain here. Our time could be better spent picking up the player the Chargers choose over him last year instead. Because when the chips were down, and the injuries happen again, the Chargers choose to play their rookie 4th-rounder Drue Tranquill over Brown last season for a reason. Not to mention how they also used safety Adrian Phillips at linebacker over Brown.

State of The Eagles Linebackers: Nathan GerryT.J. EdwardsDuke RileyAlex Singleton and Jatavis Brown. Don’t be shocked if the Eagles break charactor and draft an inside linebacker or two. And at least one will be selected in the first few rounds adding some real competion to the position.

I love an underdog just as much as any fantasy football owner. But when it comes to Brown, that scenario has played out already and it just isn’t in the cards anymore. I apologize if you were expecting more information in this evaluation. But after looking into his situation, any film review or deeper researching just wasn’t worth it. And please, if I’m wrong because of team injuries or something and he happens to be productive by default in 2020, get him on the trade block asap. Because it won’t last as a designated linebacker, and cashing in on any value we can get is our best-case scenario.

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