IDP Dime Drop: A “Upside” LB Waiver Wire Now Move?”
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IDP Dime Drop

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In-Season Smart Move?

Troy Reeder

Position: LB

6-3, 245lb (190cm, 111kg)

TeamLos Angeles Rams

Born: September 13, 1994 (Age: 25-029d)


IDP Dime Drop Status...

In week five undrafted Reeder got a pivotal spot start in place of Bryce Hager (Injury/Out) for the Rams. By pivotal we’ll add it was a divisional contest. And Reeder did something that Hager hadn’t managed to do the first few contest as the starter. He made a major IDP impact at a high performance level. Enough to effect Rams stud ILB Corey Littleton’s output.

Where are cut and dry here. And we need to not that there is no indications as of yet that Reeder will continue to start over Hager. Who is reportedly healthy heading into week six. But as you look at the charts for each player take note of two major things. The first of course is the statistics. And the second is the snap count percentage.

IDP Dime Drop: Bryce Hager

IDP Dime Drop: Troy Reeder

Special Note: Defensive coordinators like the Rams Wade Phillips don't put undrafted rookies straight into the fire if they don't believe in them. Especially in an important divisional game.

IDP Dime Drop Ceiling And Floor

Basically this “take” is way too early to make a direct “ceiling and floor” call. But it is clear that even as a starter this season Hager never seen more than 38% of the snap count. And actually was on the decline. But yet they gave Reeder 73% of the snaps in a very important divisional game off the top versus the Seahawks. And noting week four in defensive snap counts on both payers can be very important as well.

Hager hit his rock bottom of 16%. Now this could have been that the injury he received actually took him out at that point. But was it after being on the decline from the week before. And did it matter?

Because instantly in week four Reeder received 24%. So if we totaled up the snap counts in week four of Hager and Reeder it was a total larger than Hager had received all season. Now 40% over 38% is really splitting those IDP hairs. But just something to think about. Because we cirsle right back around to the fact that Reeder went triple in snap counts i his start in week five.

Not to mention what Reeder pulled off in production versus what Hager had done on average.

IDP Dime Drop Conclusion

So without knowing or having any indication if Reeder will start this week, what can we do?

This article is coming out on Saturday, the Rams do not play until 4:00 est. on Sunday.

If we can find a spot on our roster right now we have a better than 50/50 shot adding him can pay off. Most waiver wires are open right now without a wait (order). And if the IDP scenario plays out during the game and Reeder is the guy again, the ceiling could be well worth it. 

This plan will not work for all formats and is pending a lot of things to play out. But rosters needing a possible boost this is in play. And this kid is a rookie that has not been on any radars until last week. And by the own% at this point, not on many radars at all. So in a dynasty league this move might be top-notch sneaky in a dynasty as well. Especially a roster in the building stage. 

Nothing in fantasy football is ever a “sure” thing. But moves like this ahead of waiver wire claims can pay off. If Reeder gets this job and plays that 70% range of snaps this next contest we have huge “upside”. And we are not waiting in line this coming week with the waiver wire.


Good luck, and keep in mind, don’t drop a “known” for an “unknown”. This is “if” you have room, or you have depth like a CB or DT that simply can be dropped and replace by streaming. 

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