IDP Dime Drop: A Heralding Edge Rusher
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Welcome to the IDP Dime Drop, intended for Gridiron Ratings members first and foremost. But will eventually be published to the general fantasy football community. And readers should know that our members have received this information first, and gained this insight at least one waiver wire period before releasing it. So if you would like to be ahead of the game, visit our home page and become a valued member. And this is just some example of the great content we offer to our valuable fantasy football members. Noting that if this is published during the NFL and Fantasy Football off-season, you may be gaining access without being a member. And the IDP Dime Drops will vary in length and content amount based on the delivery time needed to get the winning edge to members as soon as possible.

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Dynasty IDP Targets / IDP Dime Drop

OLB/Edge Rusher Harold Landry

 H/W: 6-2 – 252lb

Age: 23

Team: Titans

Defensive Scheme: 3-4

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The IDP Dime Drop Collective According To…

2019 PFF grade: 68.8

The IDP Dime Drop

First thing I would like to say, my apologies for sitting on this IDP Dime Drop too long. I’ve had it in mind for weeks and just hadn’t made the time to get it on paper for IDP owners. But, it’s early after the Titans released Wake, and we can still be ahead of the game here.

IDP Dime Drop Value

This is going to be short and sweet, the news and situation have hit the mainstream and I’m relying on my word as an IDP writer that readers will trust my judgment. Go get Landry if you need an edge rusher tier-one! He has shown in the first two seasons he is primed for his third-year breakout. He is capable of “bending” to beat the offensive-tackles and now will be inserted as the Titans key pass rusher in scheming the defensive plays.

His ability to produce IDP production will increase, namely in sacks, tackle for losses, and pressure in the backfield. He had already reached the realm of top tier as an edge rusher in combined tackles with 68 last season. So that’s not likely to increase as much as the opportunity to be stunt into opposing teams backfields. And he will see the prime rushers opportunities in the process. His future scenario is as a true ER1 from this point onward.

Don’t be shy in drafting him as a mid-first-wave IDP edge rusher play!

As an outside linebacker, unless it is a sack heavy format, likely looking at an upper LB2 based on the tackle amount for his designated position if inserted as an LB. In those base tackle or balanced tackle based scoring formats, we’ll see him as a worthy bye week or injury play based on any given matchup. But it will be tough at this point to consider him more than a depth player with some upside as a linebacker play.

Approach him as an LB2, unless a sack heavy format, where he’ll have solid LB1 appeal every contest.

Author's IDP Dime Drop Confidence
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Confidence Bar Subject To Change Pending New Developments*

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The Raw IDP Dime Drop

As we mentioned in the introduction, the IDP Dime Drop can come in the raw content form at times. Especially in-season, when the fantasy football season is in full swing. The intention here is the delivery of any information and opinions on players to reach members as soon as possible. And time restraints will come into play as we attempt to make the delivery. In other words, sometimes it’s really about the content to get ahead and not whether or not it’s adequately done. And these IDP Dime Drops can certainly be more opinion-based over other articles available by this writer.- Gary VanDyke

Thank you for joining us at Gridiron Ratings.  

Gary VanDyke

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