Drafting IDP Fantasy Football Methods
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Welcome to the Drafting IDP Fantasy Football Methods article guide, where we’ll address one of the most common questions when addressing fantasy football’s IDP values. And layout a few methods used for the best approach to getting the most out of drafting on the defensive side of the ball.

Drafting/Trading IDP

Drafting IDP

There are basically three methods a fantasy football owner can use when drafting IDP players. And although using your gut to make a call always needs to be applied, these are useful formats to follow as you draft. We’ll start with the simplest and then the one this writer prefers for deep IDP formatted leagues. And by those, we mean the leagues that would require a lineup with numerous designated positions in starting lineups.

Before we get started...

Rule number one, never go into a draft blindly and always do a couple of things, even if your brand new to IDP or not. First, at least glance at the scoring format and league projections. There are a lot of ways to set up scoring formats, and having an idea based on who is your first ten projected players is important. If there is multiple designated defensive lineman, it’s likely a sack heavy or balanced scoring format. And we are referring to balanced in tackles scored to sacks, basically. It’s not going to do you any good to draft inside linebackers first if it’s a sack scoring format or vice versa.

And the second thing to keep in mind, unless you’re in a deep formatted league calling for five or more IDPs in starting lineups, don’t stress out over drafting them. There isn’t as fine of a line as some might think between those players in the top tier. And there are so many players to pick from, that as long as you get a handful of upper players, their consistency in scoring each week is more important in most cases over their top-end points. So relax and enjoy, and think of it as everyone gets “kicker” over stressing out about who you landed.

1. The Basic And Simplist

This method is mainly for those leagues only using two or three IDP players in starting lineups. But certainly isn’t off the table in any setup overall. Let the draft flow determine when you select an IDP in drafts.

A “no brainer way” would be to let the first IDP off the board come off, evaluate your roster then. And double-check the score settings (or know them) and see if whoever took the first IDP was reaching for their guy or something. Then determine how soon to jump in based on who is coming off the board, and what position they play. This method leans heavily on owners making a gut call, but realistically, isn’t that the base of all drafting?

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2. Stick To A Plan

This method is mainly for those leagues only using four or more IDP players in starting lineups. But don’t hesitate to use it over the number one method in three or fewer formats. And again, we have to keep a gut call check-in place at all times, altering a plan isn’t the end of the word. Short and sweet, draft all your starting lineup offensive players first. Then evaluate, has an IDP player even came off the board yet? If not, consider what you know about your offensive depth players, and go from there.

In most formats, when the first IDP player comes off the board, it starts that trend. But based on the fact that 90% of the leagues out there are really won on the offensive side of the ball, are you comfortable yet. If you are either be that first guy to take your guy on IDP you want or join in. And know, there are plenty of constant IDP players among the designated positions to go around. 

3. Gunning For A Title

This method is mainly for those leagues that owners want to heighten their chances by a large margin. And it can be used in all formats and lineups sizes. Just know that while the draft is underway, your full attention will need to be required and on point.

Use the league’s overall projections and/or rankings to help suggest when to start taking the IDPs off the board. And this means no matter if your offense is set or is still a work in progress. Just keep in mind, not all sites we play fantasy football on are very good at projecting. So your gut call on player values in the projections will come into play.

What to do, follow the drafted players coming off the board and track where they were in the projections. As the players come off and they start being selected around the first few IDP players in projections, go for it. Or even stall a half round to full round. Because normally most fantasy football owners value offensive players first. So your likely not going to hate life by waiting, unless there is a particular player you’re looking at. Because the odds are if you’re watching him, so are the other owners in the draft.

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Drafting/Trading IDP

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