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All original and proven IDP Fantasy Football Easy Start/Sit Charts are based on a five step formula method. This formula is used on an accumulate amount of information data, stats, trends and info. And of course the knowledge of reading these in the formula used. These formulas were under development for approximately seven seasons before being shared with the general public. And in that process the Charts can claim in the general area, on average,  of at least a 80% hit rate. Although in years past this has been tested and proven we have to keep in mind that in fantasy football it is always “any given Sunday”.

The IDP Fantasy Football Easy Start/Sit Charts Relevance

Users of these charts should always keep certain things in mind when using these charts.

  1. The fifth element of the five step formula used is the mind behind it’s innovation. So there is a human aspect to reading these results and the delivery.
  2. All input into these charts are raw at the beginning of the seasons until the core information catches up with that seasons data, stat, and trends. The first three weeks on average are basically a warm up period. As some end of the year information from the prior season is included. This is until on average around week four of each season we have established the current season’s own material. This in turn is the strength of the charts. And just in time for the important bye-weeks.
  3. Never sit a stud! As a disclaimer and delivery we need to always keep in mind that sitting a known” stud” over a player that is not isn’t advisable. The charts are meant to split the IDP hairs among the level of players talent. And it is never advisable to “reach” for a player in play if those “IDP hairs” are minimal.
  4. These Charts are based on match ups versus talent of said players when it is boiled down to it. And trusting the charts do take a commitment. That is not included in our delevery and soley on the users.

IDP Outside Linebackers are listed here?

The outside linebackers in the 3-4 defensive scheme are listed here as edge rushers. The are basically stand-up defensive ends in the 4-3 scheme, comparably. The outside linebackers in the 4-3 are listed in the inside linebacker charts. Splitting those IDP Fantasy Football hairs!

Week Nine

AFC Edge Rusher / Defensive Line IDP Fantasy Football
Easy Start/Sit Charts

East Notes: WOW! ALL I GOT IS WOW!

Bills: Versus The Redskins. As marked. Noting that if the timeshare on the snap counts weren’t so rotational, everyone would have some more “upside”. Maybe we say the floor is solid enough and the ceiling is just about strong. 

Dolphins: Versus the Jets. On Taco and Godchaux, “just” solid via the on-paper formula. 

On Biegel: Last 3 contest, and out of the blue a few weeks ago. 

WK 6, 70% snap count, six combined, Match-up versus Redskins via his role…solid. And he was while getting some pressure on the QB. (Two QB hits)

WK 7, 60% snap count, five combined – sack. Match-up versus the Bills via his role…”just” solid. We add in the TKL and QB hit that goes with a sack, he out-performed versus the snap count percentage. Can at least look at it as really solid.

WK 8, 84% of the snap count, nine combined, TFL , two QB hits. Match-up versus the Steelers via his role…rock bottom weak. On paper this match-up for edge rushers was terrible. The Steelers sit bottom three in allowing points off the edge. He not only went to a full time player technically, he out performed on a level that no one could have expected.

There is only so much room here. Or we would share the glowing reports on his performances over the last three contests. Without writing a full blown article I’ll keep it short and sweet.

He is playing a type of “Jamie Collins” role as the SLB/Defensive lineman edge rusher. A standing/rushing type of 3-4 OLB, but only in the 4-3 defensive scheme. There is no reason or way they don’t roll him out at a nice snap count versus the Jets this weekend. And the Jets, well they are currently allowing the #1 amount of points to the edge/DE  the moment. Adding that it’s by a nice margin that they sit there atop the list.

So…..week 9. He is a very strong edge/DE start that as I do these charts and see other strong plays, I’ll be hard pressed not to insert him in. If it’s a known “stud” edge rusher that’s just solid. I’m going with Biegel.

He is designated as a LB/Edge in ESPN. But in case he isn’t in your league and thinking about him as a normal LB play. After having the chance to really dig into this situation, I’d have to say I’d rank him with very solid with “upside” to strong as well. In standard sized leagues starting around four linebackers, I can’t see how someone would be so stacked that he isn’t a LB3 at the least.

FYI, if your in a league with me, it’s too late to go looking for him.

Patriots: Versus the Ravens. Long story short here on Van Noy. Wonder why Van Noy has fell off the map as a ILB this season. Well at least fell down a tier or so. He isn’t the middle linebacker anymore on a normal basis. I had to watch some game film to figure it out. He is now doing exactly what I mention Beigel is doing via his role. Van Noy is now opposite of Jamie Collins in the same role. Hightower is now playing the MLB in most sets. ESPN has even gone as far as designating him as such. He is a LB/EDGE. Apologizes for not catching this sooner.

Simon and Guy aren’t owned all that much in our research. Either should be solid DT type pick-ups. Simon actually has his upside to strong any given contest anymore. It really just depends if they give him 30% of the snaps or 60%. But either way, well worth the solid.

Jets: Versus the Dolphins. They have no first string type ILBs. And be sure to check out Burgess (very strong play) “take” with AFC ILBS this weekend. They also just trade their anchor DT Leonard Williams to the Giants. And on paper the Dolphins are on average allowing points to the DLs.

Safe bye-week plays should be the two marked via the past snap counts and production. Add in the fact both should see an up-tick in snaps with Williams gone.

Feeling lucky? Desperate for a swing and a miss type pick-up? Just look in the weak and flip a coin. Either the snap counts are in question or the consistency is. But the overall would be the fact that the defense isn’t stacked at all and someone will have to make the plays. Might be production by default, but someone will get it.

West Notes:

Broncos: Versus the Browns. As we mentioned before, Miller has lost a step, and this on-paper match-up is not one to test that thinking. The solid byeweek plays are “just” solid. Reed might be the least solid at OLB/Edge.

Chiefs: Versus the Vikings. As marked in a very solid match-up across the board. The warning is on Kpassagnon, as he can’t be counted on to be on the field if the rest are ok to play. Just missing one of the normal starters can’t promise anything here on him. So he is very risky at this point.

Chargers: Versus the Packers. There is some upside for all of them to over perform what they are marked. Square is the risky one pending the health of Jones and Mebane.

Raiders: Versus the Lions. As marked noting there was no on-paper “upside” to risk suggesting any as anything else.

North Notes:

Ravens: Versus the Patriots. Based on the whole on-paper picture, “just” solid. Snap counts can’t be 100% trusted. Or we would likely have a couple “just” solid bye week plays worth digging into.

Bengals: Bye Week

Browns: Versus the Broncos. As marked. No note on Garrett, my bad. But on Vernon the last two weeks are the first two weeks in a row that he has manage to be productive. There will be risk in inserting him. There always is.

Steelers: Versus the Colts. As marked.

South Notes:

Texans: Versus the Jaguars. The Warning is on all that is in the chart. With J.J. Watt going on IR that is one dominant player the opponent has to focus on. This could effect what the remaining plays get. But where they are is according to the on-paper formula and it is in line of what should be.

Colts: Versus the Steelers. As marked. Noting that the players “upside” have them solid. Not the on-paper formula. It was peaking at the top of weak.

Jaguars: Versus the Texans. As marked.

Titans: Versus the Panthers. Landry has a nice mat-up on paper and just might be available on the waiver wire. As for Finch, Wake, and Gilbert. Their snap counts in the edge rusher role were all about 30% apiece last contest. Or we would likely have some bye-week appeal in there for one of them.

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