Aaron Jones- 2023 Workload

Aaron Jones- 2023 Workload

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Projected 2023 Workload

Aaron Jones was nearly cut this past off-season before agreeing to a pay cut.  That should tell us most of what we need to know about his NFL future. While he should see plenty of work in 2023 his early warning status coupled with his situation in Green Bay means we should start looking to shop Jones to other managers.  


Percentage of Carries


Percentage of Targets

Fantasy Point Mix

Career Arc

Aaron Jones has had several pop weeks and a lot of bright spots in his career.  He’s never really been an elite option but as a lower end RB1 to high end RB2 he’s been very reliable.

Career Workload Score

Aaron Jones is a steady producer who should have two more years of productivity left.  The success of Jordan Love could be the only limiting factor over the next 24 months. We explain workload here.

Injury History

(Year  –  Injury – Games Missed)
2018 – Knee – 4
2020 – Calf – 2
2021 – Rib – 2


AJ Dillion
Emmanuel Wilson

How to Deploy

Aaron Jones is still a rock solid running back that can be counted on to finish between RB6-RB14.  We’re projecting him a bit higher due to some muddiness when it comes to pass catchers in Green Bay.  There’s no need to rush to sell him unless by mid season the Packers offense sputters then it might be best to sell the brand name before we’re having different conversation about his value.

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