Super Bowl Quick Hits: Yards Created 
February 2, 2020 No Comments 49ers, Chiefs, Super Bowl LIV Jeff DiMatteo

Yards Created

Through these playoffs, the 49ers have been running over the competition.  No literally, Raheem Mostert being the biggest part of that. He’s averaged 4.8 and 7.6 yards per rush in the Divisional and Conference Championship rounds respectively.  Much has been made of his 220 yards and 4 TD outburst against the Packers. To anyone who has been paying close attention, his numbers shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise.

How Good Has He Been?

According to our friends over at Mostert lead the NFL with 1.89 yards created per attempt.  Despite creating almost 2 yards per rush he only boasts a .29% evaded tackle rate (evaded tackles/carries).  That puts him in the same category as Derrick Henry .27 and Saquan Barkley .31 but well behind guys like Alvin Kamara with a .45.  Over the course of the season, he has been a beneficiary of a great scheme and he’s maximized opportunities with exceptional burst and top-end speed.  According to Mostert measures in the 96th percentile in their “Burst Score” metric and his 4.42, 40-yard dash puts him in the 95th percentile in “long speed”.  8.8% of Mostert’s runs are considered “breakaway runs” (runs greater than 15 yards) and that figure leads the NFL.  

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