2021 Rookie IDP Rankings/Ratings

Welcome to the IDP Tipster’s personal 2021 Rookie IDP Redraft Rankings and Dynasty Ratings on Gridiron Ratings. It’s still early in the process of the offseason to tackle the unknown. But the Tipster has examined the situations and researched the likely outcome of this year’s class of NFL defensive players for IDP purposes. And in conclusion, his is likely the weakest overall class we’ve seen in some time. And between the overall lack of great talent and where the players were drafted to has a the Tipster making a suggestion off the top. That suggestion, beyond the top ten, think about trading those rookie picks. And perhaps consider a few second to fourth year players instead for the cost of working the waiver wire.



Things To Know About The 2021 Rookie IDP’s Class


  1. There are no obvious defensive tackles worth mentioning for 2021.
  2. It’s definitely buyer beware when looking deep.
  3. When suggesting a dynasty rating for cornerbacks, it’s nearly impossible. If one is really good, he won’t be useful after this season because opposing quarterbacks will try and avoid him. And if one isn’t good, he’ll be replaced next season. This year most of these CBslisted should start in one form or the other. And they’ll be tested as a rookie which can result in IDP production. I just don’t suggest spending high on a streamable position, and cornerbacks are firmly one of them.
  4. Did we mention, this isn’t a great class overall? And we’ll estimate that nearly 3/4 of these rookies ranked may never make a real IDP impact this year, or beyond.
  5. I do not rank rookies with veterans until some point after the season starts. And that is if I have time to rank in-season at all with everything else going on. I’m just saying don’t expect a follow-up.

2021 rookie idp

*Note:   Bonus Rookie    l    Monty Rice   l  TEN   l   LB   l   NA/Flier


Thank You for joining us again this year for The Tipster’s 2021 Rookie IDP Rankings And Ratings

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