Welcome to The 2020 Rookie IDP Player Situational Reports for our fantasy football assessment purposes. It’s a proven fact that a rookie’s situation with his new team can dictate his value for fantasy football as much as his talent. And in this series, we will cover the players drafted team by team to gauge our expectations for our dynasty fantasy football rosters.

2020 Rookie IDP: NFC East

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The Squads Key For Fantasy Football

The First Squad: Possible clear path to immediate playing time now.

The Taxi Squad: Possible path to rotational playing time now.

The Practice Squad: Possible path to playing after a developmental period.

NOTE: We are not including undrafted free agents signed (deep long-shots) by any NFL teams at this time.

Rookie Fantasy Football IDP Player Situational Reports

Arizona’s Four Defensive Draft Picks

The First Squad
  • Isaiah Simmons, pick 1.08, out of Clemson, is arguable the most versatile and talented IDP rookie to come out in this class. Unfortunately, it isn’t 100% clear just yet on how the Cardinals plan on utilizing their new defensive weapon. The one thing that’s been stated is that it won’t be as a defensive back, which makes a lot of sense with a player owning those metrics. This will likely leave two possible linebacker positions he can be inserted in as. And if you ask this IDP writer, I’ve been saying it since day one. He’d make a great edge rusher as an outside linebacker in their scheme. And the pre-draft defensive personal they had also indicates that would work well. But whether it is inside or outside, they’ll have this guy playing a lot in 2020. Just keep in mind, where he plays will affect his IDP value based on the individual leagues scoring format. And for some, may mean when the news breaks where he’ll play that he’ll need to be on the trade block before other owners figure it out.
  • We can’t leave Simmons owners hanging, so we’ll explain more here. If Simmons is indeed an outside linebacker/edge-rusher, his best dynasty value will be in a Balanced to Sack heavy scoring format. If he is an inside linebacker, he’ll retain a balanced approach or tackle based. And if you need more on this, please refer to the IDP Bible HERE. Where it might clear up what certainly needs to be taken under consideration with Simmons IDP value.
The Taxi Squad
  • Both of the following defensive linemen are worth putting on the Taxi Squad at this time. One, or both could be in a rotational role among the starting interior lineman as soon as this coming season. But the situational behind the three main veterans would mean either one would have to over-achieve to get a starting gig. And then there is the question of exactly which player plays. Because if either becomes a nose tackle in this 3-4 scheme behind Jordan Phillips, it’ll likely mean we can drop them off our taxi squad. The position simply doesn’t produce much in terms of IDP value on most defensive units. And we should expect the IDP window for either player to open up more in 2021. When it is possible either could earn the opportunity to start and take on a bigger role.
  • Both were taken in the fourth round, Leki Fotu (114th) and Rashard Lawrence (131st).
The Practice Squad
  • The following later round rookie is currently not ranked in our top 36 rankings. And they’ll have a long way to go to make an IDP impact. And for now, their best situational case scenario is to make the roster as depth and special teams players.
  • Linebacker Evan Weaver

Los Angeles’s Four Defensive Draft Picks

The First Squad
  • Terrel Lewis, pick 3.84, out of Alabama, is a borderline First Squad option. His draft status and situational among the Rams depth chart suggests he should have a starting role. But his metrics indicate it is likely as an outside backer in the defensive scheme. And that could mean as a rotational player according to the Rams history. So it is a designation that could have warranted a Taxi Squad listing for our IDP purposes. But knowing that the Rams will have an open competition for starting rights, Lewis is still a nice dynasty option if things go the right way. And he also may eventually carry an edge-rusher designation for some IDP scoring formats in the long run. So he is definitely one to keep an eye on in dynasty leagues.
The Taxi Squad
  • The following safeties have some Taxi Squad appeal. And could even hold some Firs Team appeal in deeper formats depending on a couple of things. The Rams use a lot of three safety sets in their defensive scheming. And with both Eric Weddle (Retired) and Marqui Christian both gone, this leaves an opening for that third safety position. Will this over much IDP value? Likely not on a weekly basis but could in an injury situation or if the Rams increase the third safety usage. Which now days isn’t out of the question. Both players situational competing against each other does warrant some monitoring.
  • Safeties Terrell Burgess (104th) and Jordan Fuller (199th), were both selected in the third round.
The Practice Squad
  • The following later round rookie is currently not ranked in our top 36 rankings. And they’ll have a long way to go to make an IDP impact. And for now, their best situational case scenario is to make the roster as depth and special teams players.
  • Linebacker Clay Johnston

San Fransico’s Defensive Draft Pick

The First Squad
  • Javon Kinlaw, pick 1.14, out of South Carolina, should slot in nicely among the 49ers starting defensive lineman in 2020. The 49ers traded away stud veteran DeForest Buckner (Colts), and the depth chart situational means they replace him with another first-rounder in Kinlaw. Exactly what IDP value he’ll produce remains to be seen as the defensive line is stacked with first-round selections. Can he duplicate Buckner’s top tier production? Likely not, because Buckner is one of a kind. But there certainly isn’t any reason he couldn’t be a top-end defensive tackle for IDP owners pending his role within the system. And definitely, at the least warrants finding out in dynasty leagues if he can outperform the other defensive tackle, Soloman Thomas. Our winner of the two will likely depend on who fills the Buckner role in defensive scheming. A situational that might have to play out this season and is decided when we start the  2021 IDP campaign.

2020 Rookie IDP Player Situational Reports

Seattle’s Three Defensive Draft Picks

The First Squad
  • Jordyn Brooks, pick 1.27, out of Texas Tech, left IDP owners wishing for a touch better situational for 2020. But in overall IDP terms, it definitely could have been worse. And this rookie should slot into starting role off the top just by draft status and the Seahawks current depth chart. But playing next to veteran stud linebackers Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright will certainly affect his IDP output this season. We will take note that the former third linebacker Mychal Kendricks did indeed produce like an LB1 from time to time alongside the same duo. But we have to expect that Brooks IDP window won’t open wide until 2021. When the Seahawks could move on from Wright when his contract expires. Or possibly even Wagner, as the Seahawks have an optional out written into his high-dollar contract. And something to keep an eye on although highly unlikely to happen, as of right now there is an optional out written in Wrights contract. Sorry, we don’t have the deadline for this option at this time to pass on so it might have already passed. Either way, as we sit, Brooks has a dynasty IDP LB1 glow about him.
The Taxi Squad
  • Darrell Taylor, pick 2.48, out of Tennesse, is another borderline guy who could be placed on the First Squad. But his situational is a little complicated at the moment and for now warrants more of a dynasty outlook. His metrics could slot him in as a defensive end or that LEO linebacker hybrid position. And pending what they do with him in pre-season will determine the depth he’ll have to beat out for a role in 2020. Granted, his draft status calls for more, but these couple of deep question marks hampers a first squad designation at this time. Not to mention that a lot of NFL “gurus” believe he’ll need some developmental time and that the Seahawks might have reached a bit where they selected him. But either way, it went, how it plays out early this season will be our determining factor going forward. And adding we should likely look forward to his 2021 IDP window at this point.
The Practice Squad
  • The following later round rookies are currently not ranked in our top 36 rankings. And they’ll have a long way to go to make an IDP impact. And for now, their best situational case scenario is to make the roster as depth and special teams players.
  • Defensive End Alton Robinson > Considering the Seahawk’s current depth, a Taxi Squad designation wasn’t completely out of the question for 2021.
2020 Rookie IDP

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