How to use Gridiron Ratings: Performance

How to use Gridiron Ratings: Performance
September 29, 2019 No Comments How To, Strategy Jeff DiMatteo

As discussed in the introduction to Gridiron Ratings, the Performance category is basically a culmination of who this player is from a statistical performance standpoint.  The areas that are measured for any given player are specific to the ways said player compiles statistics and by extension fantasy points. For the sake of clarity, we’ll use Quarterbacks as our example position.  

How it comes together: 

In your fantasy matchup, how does a Quarterback score points?  Usually, points come in two distinct areas, Passing and Rushing.  Of course, within those two categories, there are more granular metrics that need to be looked at like yards, touchdowns, and interceptions.  We look at each statistical performance and grade it against a benchmark performance, this helps to provide context to the players’ performance.  

The benchmark performance is a collection of the best individual weeks from the previous 5 seasons.  Being equal to or better than the benchmark results in a score of 99.  

Once the scores are compiled and measured against the benchmarks then the individual categories are weighted and rolled in the Performance rating.  This rating, of course, makes up a large chunk of any given players Overall Rating.

What does it mean: 

When reviewing the various ratings on our site it’s important to understand how to use these numbers.  Performance is really just a snapshot of how well a player is compiling fantasy-relevant statistics. Players with a 90+ Performance Rating are projected to or are having a really good season, it’s the kind of season that is better than the vast majority of his positional peers over the last 5 years.  The longer the season wears on the less volatility you’ll see in this metric which means it becomes a solid indicator of players to keep, trade for or pick up on waivers.  

Be sure to check out the other how-to guides for so that you can get a complete picture of how the various ratings impact Overall Ratings and help you win fantasy championships.  If you have deeper questions, comments or concerns feel free to chat, email, or reach out to us via social media.

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