11 Personnel: Tony Pollard
Tony Pollard Fantasy

11 Personnel: Tony Pollard

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11 Personnel: Tony Pollard

Welcome to 11 Personnel, a series highlighting my favorite 2022 offseason trade targets! There’s something for everybody here. Many of these players are names you know but are undervalued. Whether you’re looking to add one more guy, trying to fix some depth woes or trying to rebuild with some low-risk, lottery tickets. This series will give you the jumpstart you need.

Today we’re discussing… RB Tony Pollard, Dallas Cowboys

Looking for a running back going underrated? You want Pollard.  Ezekiel Elliott is declining, and fresh off a borderline-RB2 performance in 2021, Pollard is in for an even larger workload in 2022. Tony Pollard is the best running back in Dallas (sorry, Zeke truthers). He’s an excellent receiver out of the backfield and explosive in the run game. He can rack up fantasy points, and he’s an unrestricted free agent in 2023. I like to imagine him pairing with Tyler Allgeier in Atlanta. Look for a RB16-20 finish for Pollard, and at only 25 years old, an optimistic future outlook.

How to get him:

Try to catch a Pollard manager sleeping and offer an early 2022 2nd or equivalent player in the Hunter Renfrow/Mike Gesicki/Daniel Jones range. I wouldn’t be opposed to paying up to a late 2022 1st for him. I’d rather have Pollard over players like Amari Cooper, Mike Evans, Keenan Allen, Michael Thomas, or Dameon Pierce (a stand-in for the 1.12). Any of them for Pollard is a win, and you may be able to pry away some extra draft capital if moving Allen or Evans. Depending on the savvy (or lack thereof) of your trade partner you could probably get a 3rd rounder plus Pollard. I have Pollard a few places already but made an attempt in the only league where a) I don’t have him, and b) it made sense to make the move. The Pollard manager there is a self-described truther. When in negotiations to pry a player away from a truther, you will be forced to overpay so greatly that it isn’t worth it.

Back-up Plan:

If you can’t land Tony Pollard try to land James Cook in your rookie draft. Cook is a similar player to Tony Pollard and is a touch younger. Cook landed in a dream scenario as the top back in Buffalo. You can find me on Twitter @thedevydirtbag and also on YouTube @thedevydirtbag _ Thanks for reading, catch you in the next one!

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