Parris Campbell

11 Personnel: Parris Campbell

by | Jun 28, 2022

Parris Campbell

11 Personnel: Parris Campbell

Welcome to 11 Personnel, a series highlighting my favorite 2022 offseason trade targets! There’s something for everybody here. Many of these players are names you know but are undervalued. Whether you’re looking to add one more guy, trying to fix some depth woes or trying to rebuild with some low-risk, lottery tickets. This series will give you the jumpstart you need.

Today we’re discussing… WR Parris Campbell, Indianapolis Colts

I cannot quit Parris Campbell. He was my #1 receiver the class of 2019. Which was my first year really scouting players and grading players for fantasy purposes. He was also the first rookie pick I ever made in a dynasty league. A 4.3 burner with flypaper hands who gets open ? Paired with Andrew Luck for the next half-decade!? Sign me up for ALL the shares. But the reality isn’t a fairy tale. It can be harsh and cold. If all that sounded too good to be true, that’s because it was. Luck, of course, retired in the middle of a preseason game that same year. Campbell has been unable to stay on the field, suffering a series of heartbreaking injuries. Injuries that have robbed him of the first three years of his career. There were always flashes, those brief moments of availability where we saw a productive player who looked as advertised. Reports out of Colts camp say that Matt Ryan is connecting with Campbell. I won’t pretend Campbell’s the same player today than he was three years ago. If luck can finally break his way this year and he stays healthy, there is legitimate WR3 upside (25-36 range) in 2022 and beyond.

How I’m doing it:

I was able to nab a share of Campbell for 2022 4.08 toward the end of this past May. Those days are over. I’m still out there trying to acquire more shares. You should be able to land him for an early-mid 3rd, maybe even a late one if you catch a manager sleeping hard enough. Consider throwing FAAB, an extra dart throw pick (4th rounder), or a lesser prospect (someone along the lines of Foster Moreau or OJ Howard) in the deal as a sweetener. Campbell is a pure lottery ticket with an upside exceeding that of most players you’ll find in this year’s 2nd round of rookie drafts. Talent was never the problem, the key here is health. Here’s to hoping Campbell can keep his. You can find me on Twitter @thedevydirtbag and also on YouTube @thedevydirtbag _ Thanks for reading, catch you in the next one!

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