Donovan Peoples Jones

11 Personnel: Donovan Peoples-Jones

by | Jun 30, 2022

Donovan Peoples Jones

11 Personnel: Donovan Peoples-Jones

Welcome to 11 Personnel, a series highlighting my favorite 2022 offseason trade targets! There’s something for everybody here. Many of these players are names you know but are undervalued. Whether you’re looking to add one more guy, trying to fix some depth woes or trying to rebuild with some low-risk, lottery tickets. This series will give you the jumpstart you need.

Today we’re discussing… WR Donovan Peoples-Jones, Cleveland Browns

For those of you who have followed my work for a while may remember a Devy Debrief segment where I highlighted KJ Hamler and DPJ. The two as Big Ten receivers from Detroit who had the upside to be good NFL players. After having been mis/under-utilized during his college career, DPJ fell to the 6th round and needed a few years to develop. That time has passed, DPJ has flashed, and 2022 is his year to cement his place in this league. He’s now in a potential long-term #2 receiver role for the Browns.  He finished 2021 with nearly 600 yards receiving, only receiving 58 targets. A modest bump to 80 at a 60% catch rate would give him 48 receptions. At a similar yards per reception rate to last season (17.6), DPJ is approaching 850 yards. This feels like a conservative estimate, but a likely one if the team is quarterbacked by Jacoby Brissett due to a Watson suspension. When Watson’s back in the picture, given DPJ’s skill as a deep threat, the numbers could be Will Fuller-esque (minus the injuries) in the future. DPJ isn’t your typical 6th-round draft selection. He is an explosive athlete with 4.4 speed who can jump out of the stadium. His physical upside is tremendous. Given the role and opportunity for targets, DPJ will make some noise in the fantasy world.

What to offer:

Try to float an offer of two 2022 3rds or a ‘22 and ‘23 3rd and see what happens. I’d rather have DPJ over Melvin Gordon, DJ Chark, and David Njoku. Those would be nice offerings. Maybe you need to add a late-round dart throw, maybe you can get something like that back. Of course, getting him as a smaller piece within a larger deal is also a viable strategy. I have attempted a couple of moves for DPJ to no avail so far. I’ve burnt trade bridges with a couple of managers who happen to roster DPJ, so my trade partners are limited.  Pro-tip. Try not to be an ass to your league-mates, aka potential trade partners, even if they deserve it. Hey, I’m not perfect – and that person will eventually have a player you want, and they won’t allow you to have said player unless you badly overpay. In one league where I’m on good terms with the DPJ manager and have made deals with many times, I floated a mid-2022 3rd plus Amari Rodgers and Noah Gray. This is a softball initial offering to allow the other side to swap in what they want and counter. Sometimes you get it right the first time, sometimes you need to talk it out a bit. I would have happily upped the ante to add a ‘23 3rd if the DPJ manager was interested in moving him at all. But this is like the Pollard situation from earlier in the series. When a manager particularly likes a player or how the player fits on their team, it’s best to move on. I’ll be out here continuing to try and make moves happen. Now, go forth and try to land this under-the-radar stud for yourselves. Look for DPJ to be a middling flex play this year with extra appeal in bestball leagues because of his blowup weeks. He has room to grow in the coming years into a solid WR3 with upside for WR2 level numbers if he and Watson find some real chemistry. You can find me on Twitter @thedevydirtbag and also on YouTube @thedevydirtbag _ Thanks for reading, catch you in the next one!

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